Hélène Lord

In my drawings, sculptures, installations, I observe, take note, measure, and trace the scope of days. Oscillating between the familiar and the strange, the laughable and the tragic, I make my way between lightness and weight. As in a landscape of many horizons, I attempt to understand the world through everyday objects laden with images and memory.

The fragment’s elliptical form allows me to dwell on the identity and precariousness of human life. This reflection becomes part of my creative process, which explores metaphorical potentialities of the found or recycled object. I appropriate objects that I recycle by subverting them from their utilitarian functions. As such, these small vestiges of the everyday bear silent witness to our intimate and collective lives, real and imagined.

My practice is hybrid; my creative process draws on the interaction between drawing, sculpture, and photography, transgressing these disciplines’ formal limits. Found objects and photos are my favoured materials. My working methodology consists of assemblage by interrelating subject and object as filtered through memory. The diversity of the material, drawn from everyday life, gives rise to a poetic intermingling of ideas and images. The meaning that results from it is perceptible in the sensibility of details, the observation of which reveals the fragile equilibrium of a constantly changing universe.

These experiences drive me to go beyond my own limits, to feel the distance that separates me from the other, along with the desire for closeness, and a thirst for the many shores of a variegated universe.